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Electric arc furnace
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Electric arc furnace
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1.Application of electric arc furnace

The electricarc furnace can make use of steel scrap as main raw material to produce commoncarbon steel and alloy steel, it applies three-phase alternating current toheat and melt furnace burden.

2.Electric arc furnace steel production equipment

The steelproduction equipment includes mechanical and electrical equipment. The furnacebody of electric arc furnace is composed of metal structural components andrefractory lining, the metal components include furnace shell, furnace door,molten steel tapping mechanism, furnace cover and electrode sealing ring, etc.Now the tapping is by EBT method.

3.Advantages of EBT method are as follows:

1.   The decrease of molten steel tilting angle.This can simplify tilting mechanism, reduce

Busbar impedance,and increase water cooling wall occupation area, then improve the service timeof furnace body.

2.   Moltensteel and slag keeping operation can improve steel quality, and it is good forfurther refining operation, also good for energy saving.

3.   EBT tapping method can decrease steeltemperature, reduce electrical consumption and secondary oxidation, improvesteel quality and service life of steel ladle.

The electrode hoisting appliance is composed of electrode clamp, crossarm,vertical column and transmission mechanism. Its main function is to clamp,release, hoist electrode and input electric current.

The furnacelining of electric arc furnace is composed of furnace bottom, furnace wall andfurnace top. The quality and service life of furnace lining can directly affectthe production efficiency of electric arc furnace, steel quality and productioncost.

The refractorymaterial of furnace lining has basic and acid types. At present most ofelectric arc furnaces use basic refractory lining.

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