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Furnace top equipment
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Furnace top equipment includes small furnace bell, hopper of small furnace bell, big furnace bell , hopper of big furnace bell, distributor, stock rod and etc. The type of charging device is selected according to the volume of blast furnace, furnace top pressure, feeding methods. Charging equipment should be reliable, distribution flexibly, gas tightness, long service life, light weight, low overall height and easy maintenance.

There are three type furnace top equipment: bell type, clock valve type and bell-less type.

(1)Bell type charge equipment includes double-bell, three-bell and four-bell. For double-bell charging equipment, big bell is charging of material distribution, while big bell and small bell act as a seal. When the pressure at furnace top is higher, big bell is easy to be worn and affect the sealing effect, this type is suitable for small blast furnace with top pressure of less than 0.15 MPa. Three-bell type is no longer use because the service life of small bell will be shortened in the case of  high pressure operation. Four-bell type is used in Japanese market as it is a huge structure and it can meet the high pressure operation demands.

(2)Clock valve type charging equipment is suitable for furnace with top pressure around 0.25MPa.

(3) Bell-less type charging equipment adopt small diameter sealing valve for sealing gas, with feed tank to storage material and material flow control valve to control feeding speed. The structure of  bell-less type charging equipment is simple, light with good sealing, easy maintenance and low investment. It is suitable for medium and high pressure furnace, but it has strict requirement for crude fuel.

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