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Pelletizing shaft kiln
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Pelletizing shaft kiln
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  • Overview
  • The production of pellet is like the sinter production, it supply beneficiated burden for blast furnace, the production process will produce the pellets from iron ore concentrate or powder materials. The prepared raw materials are made into certain size pellets after batching and blending in certain proportion, then adopt drying and roasting method to produce a series of physical chemical reaction for hardening and consolidation, this process is pellet production process, the finished product is pellet ore.
  • The pellet ore is divided into acid pellet ore and alkaline pellet ore. Since acid pellet ore production and operation is easily controlled, and the pellet has high grade and intensity, and blast furnace also need both acid pellet ore and high alkalinity sinter ore for smelting, so various countries mainly produce acid pellet ore.
  • Roasting equipment (Shaft furnace)
  • The shaft furnace is countercurrent flow heat exchange vertical roasting equipment. The coal gas and air flow into combustion chamber through nozzles, the high temperature gas flow into furnace through fire spray hole then move upward, then change the heat with declining furnace burden(green pellets).The cooling air flow into the bottom of shaft furnace through cooling air tuyere and move forward, and cool down the declining roasted pellet ore. At the same time, the temperature of cooling air will increase and carry the heat to top dried green pellets through air guiding wall. The green pellets in shaft furnace form drying, preheating, roasting, soaking, cooling work zones during continuous declining process. A few of agglomeration are produced during roasting process are crushed by bottom material discharging rollers.

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