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Mud Gun

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Blast furnace production is the key equipment in iron-making plant production, and mud gun is key equipment in blast furnace production. Also known as blast furnace iron gun, iron blast furnace gun, blast furnace hydraulic gun and blast furnace gun.

The furnace is necessary equipment in smelting industry, the function of mud gun is to quickly and accurately block the iron after the release of iron, so blast furnace can quickly enter the next cycle of operations. Compared to mechanical mud guns, hydraulic mud gun has the advantages of light weight, simple structure, stable operation, reliable performance, high efficiency, easy operation with low price and etc. Mud gun is the ideal pre-furnace equipment for large and medium-sized iron-making manufacturers.

Hydraulic mud gun consists of gun body, pressure gun body, playing mud, hydraulic station, console and other components. According to the mud volume, mud gun is divided into 0.05,0.06,0.08,0.13,0.163,0.26 and other specifications models for different volume of industrial blast furnace.

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