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Blast Furnace Mixer

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Blast furnace mixer is a auxiliary equipment between blast furnace and converter in steel-making, which is mainly used to regulate and balance the supply and demand of molten iron between blast furnace and converter equipment. It also guarantees uninterrupted supply of molten iron required for the converter, in the meanwhile the molten iron is stored and mixed in the iron furnace and ensure the uniform temperature. It is very beneficial for converter steelmaking by using NPI smelting process.

Blast furnace mixer is mainly composed by: the base, furnace body, transmission mechanism, the revolving mechanism, uncap mechanism, blower device, the coal gas air pipe, the pneumatic transmission gate device, dry oil lubricating device, stove platform, the electrical system and so on.

Blast furnace mixer is iron and steel metallurgical equipment, and is mainly used in iron-steel industry and metallurgical industry by using ferronickel.

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