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Ladle Arc Refining Furnace

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ladle arc refining furnace is a furnace refining technology by using arc heating under vacuum condition. The early refining of molten steel from steel making furnace is refined inside ladle arc refining furnace.

Ladle furnace is used to refining the molten steel at the beginning of refining furnace, and it can adjust the temperature of molten steel to meet the continuous casting, continuous rolling, and that's why it is the important metallurgical equipment.

The main function of ladle arc refining furnace are:

1. heating liquid steel and insulation function - the quality of dry billet can be improved;

2. Argon stirring function - argon gas installed in the bottom of the ladle through the ventilation brick to the steel blowing atmosphere, molten steel can obtain a certain mixing function;

3. Vacuum degassing function - the final access to higher purity of liquid steel produced by blast furnace and superior performance materials.

Ladle furnace can improve the efficiency of the whole metallurgy production and it is widely used in iron ,steel, metallurgy produce merchant pig iron and other industries.

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