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Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace

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Intermediate frequency electric furnace uses the intermediate frequency power to establish the intermediate frequency magnetic field, so that ferromagnetic materials produce internal eddy current and heat to achieve the purpose of heating materials. Intermediate frequency electric furnace adopt 200-2500Hz IF power supply for heating and melting insulation. Intermediate frequency electric furnace is mainly used for melting carbon steel produced by industry blast furnace, alloy steel, special steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals melting and heating.

Intermediate frequency electric furnace has the advantage of speed heating, high production efficiency, oxidation decarbonization, cost savings and extend service life of the mold. As the principle of induction heating medium frequency is electromagnetic induction, the heat generated in the work piece itself, worker with the use of intermediate frequency electric furnace can carry out forging work after ten minute on duty, there is no need for professional workers to burn stoves and do sealing work at steel mill. As the heating rate is high, so there are very little oxidation. The burning loss of IF heating forging oxidation is only 0.5%, burning loss of gas furnace heating oxidation is 2%, and burning loss of coal-fired stove is up to 3%. Compared with coal-fired furnace, steel raw materials used for Intermediate frequency electric furnace can be saved up to 20-50 kg / forging per ton.

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