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A new Steel-Making Workshop Put into Operation in Indonesia

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A new steel-making workshop with an annual capacity of 1.2million tons and a beam blank continuous casting machine with an annual capacity of 800,000 tons from Indonesian steel mill (PTGunungGarud) has recently been putted into operation. The new production of beam blank continuous casting machine will replace the old beam blank continuous casting machine, and it can greatly improve production capacity.

The company mainly produces hot-rolled structural steel, its subsidiary PTGunung Raja Paksi produce thick plates, steel pipes, wire rods and so on. Another subsidiary, PTGunung Gahapi and a Chinese steel company reached an agreement to build an integrated steel plant by using blast furnace process step by step with the annual capacity of one-million-ton at Medan. The projectis planned to be completed in two phases, the one with rebar and wire rod production is expected to be completed in 2017.

Beam blank continuous casting refers to the continuous casting steel iron making technology that casting steel section near the section of the finished steel produced by blast furnace stove operation. The main advantage of beam blank continuous casting is to significantly reduce the processing costs and improve the yield.

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