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The Development of Hot-Rolled H Bearing Beam

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Car bearing beam is one of the main components of the car, it is directly related to the vehicle load, service life, mechanical properties and safety. At present, most of the bearing beams of special vehicles are made of steel plate welding in China by sinter plant process, however hot-rolled H bearing beam is widely used as the beam steel in the developed countries. Compared with the traditional welding girder, hot-rolled H-beam bearing beam has obvious advantages. The process involves are:

Composition design
The special-purpose load bearing beam steel is subjected to various kinds of stress such as impact and torsion. The manufacturing material needs not only high strength but also good plasticity and toughness. Therefore, in the design of components, Mn should be controlled in a small range of fluctuations, while reducing the content
of P, S in steel made by mini blast furnace.

Refining process
Steel type will be designed according to product design requirements. Continuous casting without oxidation protection casting and other advanced
is adopted to ensure the quality of casting billet.

Rolling process
Control rolling process to ensure that the product has a stable, uniform performance

It is a future development trend that H bearing beam will replace the traditional hot-rolled steel beams, and it will have a prospect market share.

hot-rolled H bearing beam

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