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Powder Metallurgy Products used in Automobile

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Powdermetallurgy products made by industry blast furnace used in automobile is a hightechnology products, it can reduce vehicle weight, reduce manufacturing costsand has optimized the production process of automotive products to enhance thecompetitiveness of the automotive industry. There are over 400 kinds of powdermetallurgy accessories used in automobile in the world.

PowderMetallurgy is a new metal forming technology by using metal powder made b ysintering machine as the basic raw material. In 1940, a large car company in theUnited States use powder metallurgy gear to replace all the pump gears, fromthen on the powder metallurgy accessories begun to be used in the automotiveindustry.

The powdermetallurgy has been recognized as a green, sustainable manufacturingtechnology. Compared with the traditional process (hot processing + coldprocessing), the powder metallurgy process use few production process. And themost important advantage that powder metallurgy

has is that itcause no harm to the environment.

At present,the powder metallurgy accessories is an indispensable and essential componentin automobile industry.

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