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The Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel Composite Plate

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Stainless steel composite plate is a combination of stainless steel and other steel through a certain production process, it has the advantages of stainless steel made by steel mill and other materials at the same time. It is the new type of materials which can reduce the cost of production and meet the actual needs. Due to its outstanding parameters, it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, desalination, nuclear industry, food industry, water conservancy facilities construction and other industries.

The heat treatment is the key process during the production of stainless steel made by sinter plant process. After the explosive welding, the parameter of stainless steel composite plate will change, for example: strength will improve, hardness will increase and plasticity will reduce, which is disadvantageous to the straightening and application requirements. The heat treatment process is actually to eliminate the internal stress after explosive compound and improve plasticity.

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